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Milk Critic

Blind: Pura Full Cream vs Pauls Unhomogenised Full Cream

There were 4 samples, each randomly taken from one of the milks.

My comments on the 4 samples:

  1. pura, thick?, not so cold B+, maybe A- if colder
  2. thinner, colder, pura
  3. different, not clear taste, colder, not sure which this is, maybe pauls
  4. thick but clear, this is the unhomoginised

What they actually were:

  1. Pura Full Cream
  2. Pura Full Cream
  3. Pura Full Cream
  4. Pauls Organic

I correctly identified 3/4 samples. The one I was incorrect (3) I said I was unsure about.

I probably should have rated all the samples, as well as noting their qualities.

Thanks to Nic H. for administering the blind taste test.