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Milk Critic

Straus Organic Milk

This is a fine milk, and it has been my milk of choice for the grocery shop for some time (eventually I moved on to try others). I’ve taken my time posting this particular review because many people consider this a high quality brand and are interested to know how it compares… and also I enjoyed drinking lots of it for a thorough review.

The prominent and distinctive feature of this milk is the generous dollop of cream found in each bottle. When eaten directly, the cream is rich, smooth, and thick – quite tasty.

I have observed quite a bit of variance in the disposition on the cream. Sometimes the cream on top makes a solid barrier, and you can turn the full bottle upside down with the lid off, and have the cream barrier hold in all the milk. At these levels of cream integrity, shaking it up before opening becomes unworkable. I should not need a tool to pierce the cream – which is occasionally the case.

Beneath the cream, the milk itself has clean, smooth, delicious taste. But talking about the milk brings us back to the cream… As the cream concentration towards the top varies, this changes the amount of remaining cream dispersed in the milk – impacting creaminess and consistency of the liquid. Even with a dense layer on top there is still a modest to respectable level of creaminess in the milk itself.

I have also experimented with shaking at with various intensity, and how this changes the milk. Plenty of shaking to try and disburse the cream improves the milk, but how effective this is varies considerably with each bottle.

I think the overall contents of the glass bottle are sometimes reaching A+ levels. However, most of the time the over concentration of the cream at the top often undermines the milk’s creamy taste and thickness. I’m definitely not saying milk needs to be completely homogenized, but if the amount of cream in the bottle was distributed more evenly the milk itself would be exquisite.

Overall Grade: A

I also appreciate the fancy glass bottle, which can be returned to the store for a deposit.