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Milk Critic

Comparison: Alexander A2 2% vs Clover vs Maple Hill

Three fine milks, in three glasses.

They were poured and shuffled while I was in another room. I tasted them without knowing which is which, all though these were all milk I had tried before.

One of the milks had a clearly whiter color, but this was not helpful as I hadn't seen the milks side by side before.

After trying the first one I strongly suspected it was Maple Hill. The second I thought was Clover, but wanted to taste the third before committing to this identification. And the third I was quite sure was the Alexander A2 2%.

Alexander A2 2%

The Alexander A2 2% was the most distinctive and strongest eggy/grassy taste, making it the easiest to identify. Impressively for a 2% milk, the creaminess and consistency was largely on par with the other two.


Comparing Maple Hill to Clover, the Clover has a much clearer flavor (without the grassy element) and a very slightly thinner consistency.

Maple Hill

The Maple hill milk has a similar grassy taste, but not as strong as the Alexander A2 2%. The Clover had very little of this flavor component. I was quite confident in my assessment of which is which.


I correctly identified 3/3.

All of these milks are quite delicious, around A/A- grade. My order of preference was: Maple Hill (A), Clover (A/A-), Alexander (A-). The first two are quite close.