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Milk Critic

Comparison: Maple Hill vs Alexander A2 vs St Benoit

Three fine milks, in three glasses.

They were poured and shuffled while I was in another room. I tasted them without knowing which is which, all though these were all milk I had tried before.

Maple Hill

Well balanced creaminess and freshness. Smooth and rich.


Alexander has the most droplets of fat on the glass. Alexander feels thicker than Maple with a richer grassy/eggy taste.

The freshness of Alexander purchased from grocery stores south of San Francisco seems to vary. Sometimes a bottle of Alexander milk, well within its used by date, tastes wrong - giving me the impression that somewhere the supplychain failed to keep it cold enough. This bottle was good. A bad bottle would have made it obvious which milk is Alexander (the other two brands here do not seem to have this quality inconsistency).

St Benoit

Compared to Maple Hill, St Benoit feels slightly thicker and has slightly more flavor (tasting of creaminess).


I correcly identified Maple Hill. I was not confident in identifying Alexander and St Benoit - these have a simialr rich creamy texture, and a creamy taste.

All excellent A grade milks.

I very slightly prefer the crisper taste of St Benoit, then Maple Hill, followed by Alexander.