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Milk Critic

Comparison: Organic Valley Grassmilk vs St Benoit vs Clover DHA Omega3 Organic Whole Milk

Three fine milks, in three glasses.

Organic Valley Grass Milk

Fresh creamy Slightly sweet at the end


St Benoit

Rich creamy. Slightly eggy taste at end (and throughout compared to the fresh taste of grass milk or clover)

Best overall. The grass milk is very close, in a different style.


Clover DHA Omega3 Organic Whole Milk

Mostly fresh taste. Quite creamy After taste is a very faint droplet of tea flavor

It is the after taste that brings this milk down from A. Comparing it with two other A milks highlights how close it is. Alone I would be thinking more about B+ (but probably still give A-).



St Benoit is the best of these, followed by Organic Valley, with Clover in third place.

The distinction is pretty clear, but they are all fine milks.