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Milk Critic

Fond du Lac Farms Raw Milk

Fond Du Lac, raw, 1/2 gal

Thick rich creamy full body. Slight pale yellow creamy color. The ideal cream top that is not coagulated butter like Straus but a creamier and thicker layer compared to the rest of the milk. Having a well-rounded smooth mouth feel almost like shake but not heavy.

Slightly sweet in the context of a side-by-side with Tirrito. The flavor profile has all the positives from St Benoit and Alexander.

Raw milk degradation only affects pre taste, middle post stays the same. Taste test conducted right out of perfectly cold fridge in sprouts. Took ~40 min in AC car at night ~ 30C ambient back to fridge. Pre taste changed after transport, from perfectly lucious rich creamy to noticeable dull as if having been open for a week

Overall grade: A++ (provisional)

Purchased from Sprouts in Tucson, Arizona ($7.49)