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Milk Critic

Tirrito Farm Whole Milk

Tirrito Farm, LiLi, 1/2 gal

Clean smooth pre and middle, creamy post, nicely lingering milky after taste.

Excellently refreshing crisp, light but not lacking flavor.

Taste test conducted the next day after purchase. Took ~20 min in AC car from perfectly chilled fridge in Natural Grocer back to fridge during night, ~30C ambient outside car. No data point before transport but taste profile still gets highest rating. LiLi may be the solution for slowing degradation and keeping lactase:

"We use the Low-Input, Low Impact (LiLi) system allows us to safely and gently pasteurize without homogenizing to preserve the rich, pure flavor and silky texture."

Overall grade: A++ (provisional)

Purchased from Natural Grocers in Tucson, Arizona ($3.05)